Hungry for some SHINee candy?

Well too bad! Cos you can’t have none. They’re mine!!!

Just Kidding.

I know that this is super old, it’s from the April issue of Elle Girl Magazine for CLRide , but I just loved this photoshoot because the boys looked so cute in them! Ididn’t really like that girl, though. Thanks to that girl getting so close to our pretty boys, fangirls are getting a bit worked up about it. But let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be that girl and get to touch those SHINee boys, hold their hands, and take pictures with them?

Aww look at how cute… they’re sleeping! All five of them boys with one girl! Talk about a slutty girl…Taemin obvoiusly is too excited about holding the girl’s hand to fall asleep. There’s a bit of Jongkey action going on too..

I cannot believe that she laid her hand on my hyunnie’s face. She gonna die for that. You asked for it, girl.

Just kidding! (:

Gosh, guys shouldn’t be this pretty.


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