SHINee wants to be your ROMEO

All you noonas must be ecstatic

The SHINee comeback mini album, ROMEO, is finally out, much to our relief.

I’m sure that deep down, all you noonas are glad that you don’t have to listen to that Corbin Bleu remake ‘Juliette’ anymore.

1. Talk To You

2. Juliette

3. Hit Me Baby

4. Senorita

5. Please Don’t Go

6. Romeo and Juliette

I think I like ‘Hit Me Baby’ and ‘Please Don’t Go’ the best out of the album. ‘Please Don’t Go’ is a really nice ballad with Jonghyun and Onew’s amazing vocals. ‘Hit Me Baby’ has got a nice, sort of R&B feel to it, which I like. It is so SHINee’s style.

What I don’t get is why they chose Juliette to be the single and mv when it could possibly be the worse track on the album. you could blame it on Mr. SM for being money-greedy and lazy. He could have at least picked a better artist an song to do a remake of! A HSM alumni is the worst you could do next to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Yes, that would have been hilarious if SHINee did a remake of one of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus’ songs, after she insulted the whole asian population. Oh yeah the Cassies are out to get you. You don’t get away with insulting the crazy korean fanatics without getting a good beating. But anyways, there is a lot of talent that is being wasted here. Mr. SM has these very talented boys at his use, but instead he prefers to just recycle a NON-talented singer’s song and totally diss the talent of SHINee. Maybe their talent is too intimidating for Mr. SM. But now we’re hearing that ‘Hit Me Baby’ was a remake too? Give me a break, please.

And then there’s Mr. SM’s love for mexicans Spanish. First, there was an Amigo, and now there’s a Senorita. Just great. But one of the things I’m most concerned with is the outfits they wear. It’s like, Native-American-that-got-rainbow-skittles-barfed-all-over-them-from-a-little-kid-who-ate-a-bit-too-much-Halloween-candy. What is up with that? Not only is it weird fashion (kind of like Ji Yong’s sense of fashion), but I don’t see how it goes with the whole “Romeo” theme at all. Romeo is Shakespearean and I’m pretty sure Shakespeare wasn’t a Native American. Even if they were going to do this wardrobe, they could at least have SHINee look good in it, but noooo they look just as weird as the clothes do.  😦

Ah, well, better luck next time, SHINee!


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