Super Junior is SORRY SORRY

I KNOW that this was old and from March, but I figure I have to start somewhere and Super Junior’s comeback was pretty epic for me.

Not only will I talk about their SORRY SORRY album, but also the repackage. So bear with me here.



2. Why I Like You

3. Let’s Not

4. Angela

5. Reset

6. Monster

7. What If

8. Heartquake (feat. Yunho and Yoochun)

9. Club No. 1

10. Happy Together

11. Dead At Heart

12. Shining Star

For me, their comeback album was pretty good! They’re improving, and ‘SORRY SORRY’ is a pretty addicting song. It’s catchy, has lyrics that are easy to remember, though repetitive. AND the dance is pretty catchy. It teaches little kids to scrub their hands thoroughly before, after, and during meals to prevent them from getting the dreaded swine flu. And it allows asian fobs at school to break out into a dance less conspicious than So Hot. I also really liked ‘Why I Like You’ and all the ballads were nice and touching. So I could call this a success, seeing they sold over 200,000 copies, breaking their record, and they were on the top of the K-Chart for quite a while. Congrats, Suju!!!

1. She Wants It

2. It’s You

3. Love Disease

5. Love U More

Then, they made a repackage album, complete with a new single and mv which was leaked much to the E.L.F.s pleasure. I have to admit, though, that ‘It’s You’ was a really good song. I was hooked by the first 5 secs I heard.  A lot of people who normally don’t like Super Junior liked this song.  I think that this is, by far, Suju’s best song ever. The music video was really good too!! Althought they were a bit overdramatic, that’s their job.  The dancing was not only pro, but HOT. x) The chest popping Eunhyuk did… omigawd -drools- and yesung’s outfit… the vocals overall were really good too.  I think this is one of the songs that an idol group produced that actually would deserve to be on the top of the K-Chart without bias.

So… good job Super Junior!!! You’re becoming men!! 😀


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