The Naming of Nicknames feat. 2PM

Names. We have so many of them.We have our first name, last name, middle name, names in our 2nd language, nicknames, etc.

But sometimes, they don’t always make much sense, do they.  So I’m going to talk about all the different types nicknames asian celebs have and give you my opinion on them.

Don’t get me wrong. I love 2PM. I’ve been a fan since I saw their 1st mv, 10 pts out of 10. And to think the only reason I played it in the first place was because I knew that Yoobin would show up at the end. I love Yoobin more than 2PM.

What made me decide to write about names was when I saw a  nickname of Jaebeom’s. So you know how korean names often have different ways to spell it? Well I always pick a way to spell it, and stick with it.  Whether that spelling is the one I see the most, like the most, or thinks makes the most sense, that’s what I use. For Jaebeom, there was another spelling I had been seeing. Jaebum. It looks like it makes sense, but the reason I picked Jaebeom was because that was how they spelled his name in the mv when the showed everybody’s names. So I figured that must be the most correct way to spell it.

And then there’s the thing about nicknames.

Taecyeon has a nickname, Taec, and I understand why they use it because Taecyeon is long to type, write, and say.

unfortunately, this picture just HAD to say 'jay' on it.

Then they also have a nickname for Jaebeom. Jae. I like this nickname, because it sounds really… cool? Not sure what word to use there, but it definitely says what kind of personality Jae has. What ticked me off was that people spelled it ‘Jay’ instead of ‘Jae’, and when I saw it, I was like, “No! That’s just wrong!” It could partly be because of me and my love for Jay Chou, so I already have a Jay, but… still. Jae is the korean spelling, so it matches Jaebeom himself better. That’s just my opinion of course.

Then there’s the issue of other nicknames, where it’s not shortening the name, but changing the name altogether. In a way that doesn’t make sense to me.

Take DBSK’s nicknames for example. Yunho = U-Know, Jaejoong = Hero, Junsu = Xiah, Yoochun = Micky, Changmin = Max.  I think those might have been made by Mr. SM himself since everybody knows about it. It seems to be a universal thing, but I still don’t understand how he came up with those names. I mean, who goes around thinking up nicknames like ‘Xiah’? Then I thought, well, maybe it’s an engrish thing. In that case, I guess I’ll never understand.

But then, there’s also these Big Bang nicknames that very few people use, but they are used nonetheless. GDragon apparently becomes ‘Bong’.  This is just weird. Isn’t bong what Michael Phelps smoked?  I’m pretty sure that Ji Yong didn’t get into smoking because otherwise I would’ve heard about it. I mean, I’m not expert in these kinds of things, but… then again maybe it’s just engrish. “When in doubt, blame it on engrish.” That should be my new motto. I would have to make it a bit more better though.  Anyways, Seungri was ‘Baby’, which I can understand, since he’s the maknae of the group. Then TOP was “Tabi’ which again, just struck me stupid. ‘Tabi’ sounds like the random gibberish babies speak when they want you to play with them. sigh… I guess I will never understand this engrish crap.

Oh and I almost forgot, there’s also nicknames that actually make the name longer than the original name. Genius, huh.

Ex: Jaejoongie, Changminnie, Taeminnie, Yoochunnie, Jonghyunnie, Sungminnie, Ryeowookie, etc, etc. Occasionally for ones lke Jaejoongie and stuff they will shorten it to just ‘Joongie’, and ‘Hyunnie’, and ‘Wookie’. But for the other examples, they would all end up being ‘Minnie’, so they are indeed making it longer.

Plus, ‘Wookie’ doesn’t make my brain picture a cute guy with good vocals from a boyband. It makes me picture a furry dude from Star Wars next to Han whats-his-face and R2D2 and CPU or whatever it was.

Names can be so complicated sometimes.


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