Wonder Girls living it up in NYC

As you may well know, the Wonder Girls are taking their chance with the States and making a debut in America. They’re living in New York right now, and having a great time, snapping photos for the world to see.

I thought the photos were really cute, so I decided to share them with you because I’m so nice that way (:

Here’s Yoobin pretending to be Batman as she waits for her food in a Korean restaurant. On weekdays, the ahjummas cook for them, but on weekends the Wonder Girls go out to eat.

The girls are having a ‘serious discussion’ about their American debut…

Sunmi looks really cute doesn’t she? She fits right into New York. She’s such a ball of energy (:

Ye Eun and Yoobin strike an adorable pose, staring at the picture above. Gosh I love this pic! It’s so cute!

Sunye and Yoobin ar reading a fan book the American Wonderfuls made for them. It looks like they’re liking it, too.

Sunmi was sleepy, so Ye Eun decided to take advantage of that and snap a photo. I love Sunmi’s sweatshirt btw. I would want one 😀

The girls are fooling around again! Communicating with their ‘shoe phones’. Love Yoobin’s expression. She’s so cute.

Sunmi strikes a random pose, using the phone as a showerhead and belting out her vocals.

Sohee and Ye Eun striking Seungri’s ‘Victory’ pose complete with puffy cheeks. Love the shirts, again. They should totally sell those. Or maybe those are exclusively only for the girls themselves to wear.

There’s Ye Eun before a concert, and 2AM’s Jung Ji Hoon trying to fit a microphone into his mouth.

A selca of Sunmi, and Ye Eun with Sunye. They all voted that Ye Eun had the best raw face. I think so too.

And there, is Sohee with Yoobin, strolling the streets of New York.

I wish the Wonder Girls good luck for their American Debut!!! I’ll be rooting for you guys.


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