Cuz your Bi Bim Bop is getting cold

Sound familiar?

It’s from the infamous Nigahiga of Youtube!

I’m not just an Asian fob, ya know. I’m also a foodie. (I know, you thought I was gonna say I’m a Youtuber) I love food, and Asian food is some of the best cuisine on the planet. I’m a pretty picky eater though, so stuff that I really really like, is  really really good. I’ve also got a huge sweet tooth, but that’s a different story.

Since I just had some Korean food for lunch, I’ve decided I’m going to blab on a bit about a few of my favorite Korean foods and various other random things.  So please, enjoy, and don’t blame me if you find yourself drooling on your computer.

비빔밥 Bi Bim Bop, sometimes known as Bi Bim Bap, is a popular Korean dish which is basically made up of rice, and vegetables. Some vegetables they usually use are cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms, and soybean sprouts. A lot of times, people add an egg or some beef to it.

My favorite kind of Bi Bim Bop is the Dolsot Bi Bim Bop. Dolsot means stone bowl, so this delightful meal is served in a hot stone bowl with a raw egg on top and then you mix around everything inside to cook the egg, and you add hot sauce as you mix. It is soooo delicious.  If you’ve never tried it before, you MUST.

Kimchi. A very very famous dish indeed.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically pickled vegetables, mainly baechu cabbage, with spices added to it. Usually, it’s quite spicy for the non-Asian or Indian. Oh wait, Indians are Asian. I’ll get to that in a different post. ANYWAYS… You can eat kimchi by itself, but a lot of times its paired with other dishes. There’s also kimchi stew, kimchi fried rice, which is heaven by the way, and lots of other things.

Pulkogi. YUM. That dish is just insane.

Pulkogi, aka bulkogi, is korean barbecue beef. It’s basically thinly sliced beef sauteed with garlic, lots of onions, and various seasonings, like soy sauce, vinegar, seasame seeds and oil, rice wine, etc. If you’ve never tried it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I could eat a huge plate of this with just a bowl of rice and be happy.

Speaking of Pulkogi…

Have any of you foodies out there heard of Shabu Shabu?

Funny name, isn’t it? When I first heard it, I thought that it was some weird engrish thing. It’s not. It’s something way more delicious than that.

So what exactly IS this Shabu Shabu nonsense, you ask?

Simple. Let me give you a visual. Imagine thin slices of something that is a deep, bloody red, dotted with white bits of fat, laying on a white foam plate.

Still don’t know what it is?

Take a gander at this:

Now do you know?

Yes. Shabu Shabu is meat.  And that is what it looks like when you buy it raw at the Korean supermarket. To be specific, it’s beef. Thinly-sliced beef. And by thinly sliced, I mean paper thin. No. Not even paper thin. Wax-paper thin. No, even better, phyllo dough thin. Not to mention delicious. You can cook it in hotpots, aka huo guo 火鍋 along with other delicious Asian foods like tofu, vegetables, fishcake, and let it boil. Once its done, you can dip it in delicious sauces. Soy sauce, hot sauce, experiment with it yourself.  Or you can cook it into pulkogi! Yum! My mom does that, and it is insanely good.

To clean your palate (not ‘plate’ dum-dums.), let’s end with a beverage.

No, not beer. I don’t want the underage to get jealous and break laws.

It’s a little something-something called Milkis 밀키스.

Produced by the Lotte Chilsung company in Korea, bluntly put, it’s cabonated milk. It comes in different flavors, too, like orange, strawberry, mango, and lots more. There’s different sizes, too. The original soda can, and then a bottle, and a liter bottle one.  If you’re one of those kids who hate drinking their cup of milk every morning, then you should drink this instead. It’s such a delicious alternative, and it comes with the extra fizziness lots of kids like.

You know, I sometimes wonder why they don’t sell flavored milk here in the States. In lots of Asian countries, they have different fruit flavored milks that make milk a lot better. I dunno about you, but I get sick of chocolate milk after a while.

If you guys haven’t tried some of these things, you should. These are some really delicious foods.

And if you guys have any suggestions, go ahead and tell me. Cos I like good food. (:


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