WeightWatchers is watching you

Weight is a big deal to many ladies on this planet. From 13 year old girls going through puberty to the 30 year old trying to maintain her figure after her first delivery, where she is left with extra fat.

But more than often these girls start becoming anorexic and look just like so:

Which is just as gross as having extra fat. Being this skinny means that everyone can see your bones sticking out of your skin, which is disgusting. Good for Halloween, maybe, but in a bikini or anything else for that, just darn GROSS.

Many Korean netizens have unfortunately turned anorexic, or else they wish they were anorexic, and thus are taking it out on the poor celebrities who really have enough bashing to endure. Please, netizens, if you can’t control your own weight, take it out at the gym, not at celebrities like Kim Yoobin of Wonder Girls. Oh, and by the way, I know this is old. I just think that I need to talk about this, because I feel strongly about my girl Yoobin.

The anoerix netizens of Korea have been busy at work discussing this beautiful girl’s weight, saying that she is fat now, opposed to her before pictures. Apparently, on Daum (one of Korea’s popular search engines), if you search ‘Yoobin’, things like ‘Yoobin’s body’, ‘Yoobin fat’, and ‘Yoobin pictures when she was skinny’ come up as related searches. Ouch. Yoobin posted something on her Cyworld about it, asking ‘Please, no more…’, but it was soon deleted afterwards.

It’s true that this Wonder Girl has gained some weight, but she is definitely not fat. She’s healthy.  It’s good for a girl to have a little meat so she won’t be one of those weaklings who get raped at night because they’re too skinny and week to hold off the pedo. She’s a beautiful girl with a great personality and a load of talent, and she is LOVED. These netizens just need to get glasses, or get a life.

Luckily, soon later she seemed unbothered by the comments, and I quote from her cyworld:

“I will not receive any more hurt. Rather I am thankful for all the concerns! All the criticisms I got at my photo album, no longer recognizable like the mashed red beans inside sweet HoDo cookie.”

YooBin said in her post, “Regarding my body, I think I am still putting on weight. There are many people who like me and care about me, and I had received many comments of advice and concern. Everyone is curious about my condition. Even though I’m not perfect, I am sufficiently satisfied with my body.”

“Even though I like the trend of being skinny these days, I prefer to have a suitable and healthy body. I am also controlling my diet and doing exercises.“

She also added, “During the ‘Nobody’ days, actually there wasn’t proper managing of my body and health, and my body condition was not good. But with doing a concert now, I have lose some weight and I feel healthy. For people who are looking at me and feels that I am plump and unfit, I am feeling healthy and I like my looks now a lot.“

You go girl!!! You told them off!! Kim Yoobin, fighting~! ^__^ I love that girl…

It’s the truth and you all know it. I’m glad to see a Korean celebrity with some guts. That’s my fave girl, Yoobin. (:

That’s right. Don’t let the netizens prevent you from enjoying your ice cream.

I love you too, Yoobin! ❤


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