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Cuz your Bi Bim Bop is getting cold

Sound familiar?

It’s from the infamous Nigahiga of Youtube!

I’m not just an Asian fob, ya know. I’m also a foodie. (I know, you thought I was gonna say I’m a Youtuber) I love food, and Asian food is some of the best cuisine on the planet. I’m a pretty picky eater though, so stuff that I really really like, is  really really good. I’ve also got a huge sweet tooth, but that’s a different story.

Since I just had some Korean food for lunch, I’ve decided I’m going to blab on a bit about a few of my favorite Korean foods and various other random things.  So please, enjoy, and don’t blame me if you find yourself drooling on your computer. Continue reading ‘Cuz your Bi Bim Bop is getting cold’