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What do these two artists have in common?

Two very different artists, Jay Chou and Daesung of Big Bang, have something in common.

Can you guess what it is?

Lemme give you a hint. It’s red, white, and blue all over.

No, it’s not USA’s flag. Try again. It’s… Continue reading ‘What do these two artists have in common?’


WeightWatchers is watching you

Weight is a big deal to many ladies on this planet. From 13 year old girls going through puberty to the 30 year old trying to maintain her figure after her first delivery, where she is left with extra fat.

But more than often these girls start becoming anorexic and look just like so:

Which is just as gross as having extra fat. Being this skinny means that everyone can see your bones sticking out of your skin, which is disgusting. Good for Halloween, maybe, but in a bikini or anything else for that, just darn GROSS. Continue reading ‘WeightWatchers is watching you’

The Naming of Nicknames feat. 2PM

Names. We have so many of them.We have our first name, last name, middle name, names in our 2nd language, nicknames, etc.

But sometimes, they don’t always make much sense, do they.  So I’m going to talk about all the different types nicknames asian celebs have and give you my opinion on them. Continue reading ‘The Naming of Nicknames feat. 2PM’