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What do these two artists have in common?

Two very different artists, Jay Chou and Daesung of Big Bang, have something in common.

Can you guess what it is?

Lemme give you a hint. It’s red, white, and blue all over.

No, it’s not USA’s flag. Try again. It’s… Continue reading ‘What do these two artists have in common?’


2NE1 starts a forest Fire with a Lollipop

At least, that’s what seems like has happened.

When 2NE1 came out with their single, Fire, a forest fire swept through the netizens, and the poor unfortunate souls who were in the fire’s way got burned and experienced post-traumatic stress including side effects of sudden obsessions over 2NE1. Continue reading ‘2NE1 starts a forest Fire with a Lollipop’