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Wonder Girls living it up in NYC

As you may well know, the Wonder Girls are taking their chance with the States and making a debut in America. They’re living in New York right now, and having a great time, snapping photos for the world to see.

I thought the photos were really cute, so I decided to share them with you because I’m so nice that way (: Continue reading ‘Wonder Girls living it up in NYC’


Super Junior shows off their Bromance

Presenting the four new couples for We Got Married! Continue reading ‘Super Junior shows off their Bromance’

SHINee wants to be your ROMEO

All you noonas must be ecstatic

The SHINee comeback mini album, ROMEO, is finally out, much to our relief.

I’m sure that deep down, all you noonas are glad that you don’t have to listen to that Corbin Bleu remake ‘Juliette’ anymore. Continue reading ‘SHINee wants to be your ROMEO’

The Naming of Nicknames feat. 2PM

Names. We have so many of them.We have our first name, last name, middle name, names in our 2nd language, nicknames, etc.

But sometimes, they don’t always make much sense, do they.  So I’m going to talk about all the different types nicknames asian celebs have and give you my opinion on them. Continue reading ‘The Naming of Nicknames feat. 2PM’

2NE1 starts a forest Fire with a Lollipop

At least, that’s what seems like has happened.

When 2NE1 came out with their single, Fire, a forest fire swept through the netizens, and the poor unfortunate souls who were in the fire’s way got burned and experienced post-traumatic stress including side effects of sudden obsessions over 2NE1. Continue reading ‘2NE1 starts a forest Fire with a Lollipop’

Super Junior is SORRY SORRY

I KNOW that this was old and from March, but I figure I have to start somewhere and Super Junior’s comeback was pretty epic for me.

Not only will I talk about their SORRY SORRY album, but also the repackage. So bear with me here. Continue reading ‘Super Junior is SORRY SORRY’

Hello world!

So. I guess it all comes down to this.

My first official blog post, and I’ve decided to keep the lame name they provided me with. Continue reading ‘Hello world!’