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Hungry for some SHINee candy?

Well too bad! Cos you can’t have none. They’re mine!!!

Just Kidding.

I know that this is super old, it’s from the April issue of Elle Girl Magazine for CLRide , but I just loved this photoshoot because the boys looked so cute in them! Ididn’t really like that girl, though. Continue reading ‘Hungry for some SHINee candy?’


SHINee wants to be your ROMEO

All you noonas must be ecstatic

The SHINee comeback mini album, ROMEO, is finally out, much to our relief.

I’m sure that deep down, all you noonas are glad that you don’t have to listen to that Corbin Bleu remake ‘Juliette’ anymore. Continue reading ‘SHINee wants to be your ROMEO’